Living of Love

North Carolina girl living in Colorado
City and Colour

—The Girl


The Girl | City and Colour

If you were to leave, fulfill someone elses dreams… I think I might totally be lost.

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Charlie Chaplin born 125 Years ago April 16th 1889 - passed away at the age of 88 on December 25th 1977.

He lived a long, full and very eventful life. Most people have a few chapters in their lives, he had many, many.

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Elvis photographed by Alfred Wertheimer at the Warwick Hotel in NY, March 17, 1956.

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Wish me luck I know you think I’ll need it
For all the hardest roads we have to walk alone
And you don’t have to tell me that you love me
For all the words I’ve never understood
I know, I know

—The Avett Brothers (Pretty Girl at the Airport)

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